Title Studio: Working With Deformers

In Title Studio deformers allow you to distory or warp a 3D Container or Shape track.

Deformers that come factory installed with Title Studio are:

  • Bend-Taper-Twist: Lets you bend the image back, taper or stretch the side edges, or twist the right and left sides.
  • Curl: With this deformer you can curl or roll a 3D Object
  • Flatten: Allows you to compress a 3D Object into a 2D Object. It can also be used to further extrude 3D Objects.
  • Mesh Chaos: Creates unique water-like ripples and distortions¬†to stretch and deform an object.
  • Mesh Shatter: Allows you to shatter and break apart 2D and 3D objects.
  • Model Displacer: Displaces pieces of an object, allowing you to control how the various pieces dispurse.
  • Pre-Transform: Offsets the position of an object in 3D space
  • Pulse: Creates a pulsing effect that can simulate continuious breathing or more elastic expansion and contraction of an object.
  • Ripple Z Rings: Creates ripples in z-space along an object that simulate the motion of a flag blowing in the wind, or ripples on the surface of water.
  • Slice/Stretch: Allows you to slice or stretch a 3D Object at a specific point and manipulate the position of each piece.
  • Un-Deform: Allows you to specify a region where previously applied deformers are suppressed.

Applying a Deformer

Deformers can be applied to either the Shape Track or the Scene Container itself. Deformers applied to a scene container will affect everything within that container, while deformers applied to a specific shape track will only affect that track.

The first thing you will need to do is create a new scene container with at least one shape track.

  1. Select the track you would like to apply the deformer to. For example a text layer or extrusion.
  2. From the Shaders menu drop down, select the deformer you would like to add. NOTE: Deformers may only be applied to the main track. If you have selected the material or transform tracks, the deformers will be grayed out.
  3. When applied, a new deformer track will be nested inside of your shape track. NOTE: This new track will automatically be assigned the name of the specific deformer but can be renamed by selecting the track and pressing enter.
  4. Effect parameters and attributes will appear in the controls tab whenever the deformer track is selected. The available parameters depend on which deformer you use.

By adjusting the various parameters and setting keyframes, you can create unique animations.

Useful Controls

You can drag a deformer form one Shape Track to another if you want to move the effect to a different object. Likewise, it is also possible to copy and paste a deformer from one shape track to another.


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