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Featuring 3D tracking powered by SynthEyes

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Editing Dune: Part Two

A conversation with editor Joe Walker, ACE

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Creating characters with heart

Framestore on Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 3

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Crafting stories from cinema

Ask the Artist: Roseanne Tan, ACE

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Enhance A Shot

Small details can make a big visual impact. Find out how to use Sapphire and Mocha Pro to transform window scenery.


New! Particle Illusion Pro

Easily composite stunning 3D particle animations over your background video. No host necessary!


What’s New in Mocha Pro 2024

Need a simple 3D camera solve workflow? Get the flexibility of Mocha Pro’s tools combined with the speed of SynthEyes’ 3D tracking.

Artist Profile

Invisible VFX on Foundation

Find out why Framestore artist, Adam Tamblyn, turns to Silhouette to tackle complicated paint and roto tasks on high-end projects.


Sapphire saves me so much time in the color-grading stage or when I need to stylize my sports videos.

C.M. De La Vega Mograph/VFX Artist

Do it in-house! I love having this much control over the look of my work and being able to audition Continuum on the spot.

Bradinn French Emmy Award-Winning Editor

I use Mocha Pro all the time. So much of my job starts with tracking. If you get that wrong, then nothing is going to work.

Gillian Simpson Compositor

Silhouette is so much more powerful for roto than any other software out there that I’ve tried.

Annie Amaya Roto/Paint Artist

Optics is the ultimate Photoshop plugin to give a cinematic & futuristic look to my cyberpunk composites.

Daniel Cheong Photographer

CrumplePop allows me to focus on the edit while still giving me the powerful tools I need to repair and address audio issues.

Paul Diaz Video Editor