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The Invisible Art of Roto

April 19, 2021

Modern visual effects are a blend of many different tools, technologies, and artistries. But when it comes to compositing something behind a live-action character without a green screen, removing rigs or wires, recoloring one item in a frame, or converting an entire movie to stereo 3D, the tool of choice is the invisible art of rotoscoping.

Virtual Production: Compositing will Survive

December 15, 2020

Once again Industrial Light and Magic rocks the world of visual effects with the production of The Mandalorian using the new virtual production technology. It has sent shock waves through the VFX community and worries many of my fellow compositors about the future of our jobs.

How to Set up Your Chroma Key for Success

April 23, 2020

In this guide, you’ll get a brief history of the chroma key, how to prepare your green screen set to avoid common shooting pitfalls, a glossary of terms, and discover why Primatte technology delivers the best solution to accomplish seamless composites fast whether a subject is placed over live-action or a CG background.

Color Management for Boutique Studios

March 1, 2020

If you are working in post, you have most likely been hearing more buzz about color management in the last few years. Whether it is delivering assets for Netflix or simply preparing projects for the future, color management is undoubtedly part of the modern post-production workflow.