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Mocha Pro is a world-renowned software and plugin for planar motion tracking, 3D tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, image stabilization, and PowerMesh organic warp tracking.

Why Mocha Pro?

Unparalleled planar tracking technology
Robust rotoscoping tools
Advanced object removal capabilities
Innovative PowerMesh feature for dynamic mesh tracking
3D camera solves powered by SynthEyes
Image & camera stabilization
Optimized for 360/VR workflows
Work as a plugin in your favorite host or as a standalone application

Trusted by Hollywood’s Best

Mocha Pro powers The Last Of Us

Learn why Wylie.Co, the lead in-house VFX vendor for HBO’s high-profile video game adaptation of The Last Of Us, relied on Mocha Pro to tackle CG animals, set extensions, and more.

Plug in to your favorite host

Or work in standalone




System requirements

Mac OS

OS Requirements

  • 10.15-14.4

Processor (CPU)

  • Apple silicon or Intel (Sandy Bridge or newer)

System Memory (RAM)

  • 16 GB +


  • High-speed disk array or NVMe SSD

Graphics Processor (GPU)


  • 1920×1080 or higher


  • Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet)

OS Requirements

  • 10 and 11

Processor (CPU)

  • Intel x64 (Sandy Bridge or newer)

System Memory (RAM)

  • 8 GB minimum, 16+ GB preferred


  • High-speed disk array or NVMe SSD

Graphics Processor (GPU)


  • 1920×1080 or higher


  • Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet)

Operating System

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7-9, or a compatible Linux distribution such as Rocky Linux

Processor (CPU)

  • Intel x64 (Sandy Bridge or newer)

System Memory (RAM)

  • 16 GB +


  • High-speed disk array or NVMe SSD

Graphics Processor (GPU)


  • 1920×1080 or higher


  • Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet)

New For 2024

  • 3D Tracking and Camera Solver

    Conquer 3D tracking right from within the interface you know and love with a new Camera Solve module powered by SynthEyes technology.
  • Advanced Tracking & Rotoscoping Tools

    Work more efficiently with new tracking and rotoscoping options that offer greater flexibility.
  • Upgraded Performance

    Save time with significant render speed & tracking accuracy improvements.
  • More Exports & Host Integration

    Expanded compatibility with leading 3D and compositing applications and greater After Effects support.

3D Tracking and Camera Solver

Mocha Pro can automatically detect, analyze, and solve for a camera at blazing speeds thanks to the power of integrated SynthEyes’ core 3D tracking algorithms. Get ready for seamless 3D compositing, animation, and motion graphics creations inside Mocha’s award-winning UI and planar tracking technology.
  • New 3D Module: Features workspace views and navigation controls.
  • 3D Camera Solver: Based on SynthEyes core technology.
  • Planar-Based Solving: Ability to combine planar and PowerMesh tracks with feature points for a robust solution.
  • Roto-Spline Workflow: Planar tracked splines to subtract occlusions for 3D camera solves.
  • PowerMesh Workflow: Incorporated into 3D solver to build exportable 3D meshes.
See What’s New in Mocha Pro 2024 | 4:08

Enhanced Track and Roto Tools

New tools make tracking and roto easier with options to Skip or Step frames while maintaining a proper track. Choose between Linear or Constant keyframes to make stepped tracking easier for stop-motion and other traditional animation.

If a track is going off-screen or behind another object, use Extrapolate Track to carry on tracking based on previous frames.

Performance Upgrades

Significant improvements increase the speed and accuracy of Mocha Pro 2024.

These include optimizations in Insert Rendering (up to 15x faster), enhanced GPU tracking accuracy, and upgraded Python script performance.

New Export and Integration Options

Mocha Pro 2024 supports Universal Scene Description (USD) format exports, facilitating seamless integration with major 3D applications like Nuke, Blender, Houdini, and Maya.

It also offers enhanced support for Adobe After Effects, allowing direct generation of 3D cameras and nulls to complement AE’s 3D capabilities.

Falloff Selection Tools

Mocha Pro’s selection tool offers a falloff option to make organic roto and PowerMesh tracking much easier to manipulate.

Adjust spline edges or clusters of PowerMesh vertices using the same tool, easily adjusting the radius and strength of the falloff as required.

Layer Spline Tools

Mocha Pro expands its diverse array of spline options with handy new tools to help you manage layer spline workflows.
  • Split Contours: Select points in a spline contour and split them off into a new layer, retaining the original layer keyframes and tracking data.
  • Snapshot Duplicate: Create a clean duplicate spline based on the current frame to break tracks into chunks.
  • Inner Width Feather Adjustment: Alter the inner or outer edge points of a spline using the Edge Offset properties.
  • Shrink and Grow Splines: Move the inner and the outer points together using Edge Offset properties.
  • Clear Keyframes: Clear keyframes forward or backward from the current playhead position, making it easier to restart a section of work.

Tracking Tools

  • Merge Tracks: Work easier with difficult shots by merging multiple-track layer data.
  • Set Tracked Layer Range: One click will set the layer range to the tracked keys on the timeline.
  • Grid Scale: Originally a fixed size, you can now adjust the size of the Grid relative to the surface.
  • Preview Search Area: Visualize the search area in the Matte view options, helping to adjust how far out from the current frame Mocha will look.
  • AdjustTrack Point Lock: To avoid accidentally keyframing points in AdjustTrack, lock a selected point to disable it from further adjustments.
  • Nuke OFX Plugin Track Data Options: Track data nodes inside the OFX plugin node interface without needing to open the Mocha UI. Choose from linked or baked nodes.

Expanded Rendering Options

  • Static Scene Removal: Create a single layer to remove moving objects on static backgrounds in the Remove Module. Save time on tracking.
  • Improved ROI Fitting: The Insert Module makes it easier to crop an ROI (region of interest) to better manipulate PowerMesh and Grid warps.

The Most Reliable Tracking

Rock solid planar tracking is at the heart of all Mocha Pro modules. VFX artists turn to Mocha for its ease of use and reliability when faced with the most difficult shots.

Mocha is versatile, so use it the way you want…as a standalone application, or as a plugin in your favorite host.

Mocha Pro can export tracking, roto shapes, lens calibration and 3D data in a wide variety of formats, or render to file or back to your host.

Start tracking with Mocha | 4:24

Power Mesh

PowerMesh enables a simple-to-use, sub-planar tracking process for visual effects and rotoscoping that’s faster than most flow-based techniques.

Mocha Pro can track warped surfaces and organic objects, making it even more capable of match moves and digital makeup shots.

  • Render PowerMesh-driven inserts as composites or RGBA cutouts.
  • Output a Reverse Warp/Stabilized view for advanced paint and VFX tasks.
  • Use PowerMesh to drive roto shapes with fewer keyframes.
  • Export mesh vertices to After Effects Nulls, Nuke tracking, or Alembic for Flame, C4D, and more 3D support.

Quick Look at PowerMesh | 10:44

3D Camera Solves

Dive into intuitive planar and mesh tracking for streamlined 3D solutions with Mocha Pro’s new 3D camera tracking. Built on SynthEyes technology, Mocha’s familiar interface empowers you to seamlessly export tracks to your favorite hosts. No steep learning curve, just powerful 3D tracking integrated into your existing workflow.

Screen Inserts and Match Moves

Render accurate match moves and screen inserts with realistic motion blur or warped distortions. The Insert Module can be driven by PowerMesh and has improved ROI compositing with high quality sub-sampling and blend modes.

Use the Grid Warp tool to bend and deform insert elements to match curved and distorted surfaces.

Use preprocessing to enhance tracking and right-click on the surface to easily modify Inserts for general tracking challenges!

Roto with Less Keyframes

Mocha’s masking workflow features tracked spline tools to speed up shape creation and reduce manual keyframes. Export or render roto to most popular host applications.

X-Splines and Bezier splines with magnetic edge-snapping assistance and Area Brush tool help create detailed mask shapes — without requiring drawing skills.

PowerMesh warped splines deliver even more accurate results when masking organic moving objects like musculature, skin, fabrics, and more.

Learn to roto with Mocha | 13:19

Remove Objects and Wires

Remove unwanted elements, wires, rigs, tracking marks, and 360 cameras. Generate clean plates for massive time-savings.

The Remove Module is an amazing alternative to traditional clone techniques for removing objects. It automatically detects temporal clean frames to blend and align pixels with little user input. Remove objects in locked shots without tracking using the “Static Scene” option.

Mega Clean Plates! Beyond object removal, this same technology can also be used to create a large, stitched image out of multiple frames.

Get started with the Remove Module | 13:16

Stabilize Camera or Object Motion

The Stabilize Module can lock down camera motion or stabilize based on select tracking layers. Export stabilized tracking data or render a stabilized clip.

With PowerMesh tracking enabled, the Stabilize Module can produce an inverse-warped flattened surface for paint fixes. Original motion is easily propagated back to the original.

For general editing, a smooth option with selectable anchor frames helps reduce high frequency jitters while maintaining original camera motion. Center, scale or crop stabilized footage based on user-driven tracking.

Learn stabilization techniques with Mocha | 5:52

Lens Calibration Tools

The Lens Module provides a simple and easy-to-use interface to calibrate the distortion introduced by camera lenses. Remove unwanted lens distortion or match it to composite realistically. Use built-in line detection or splines for calibration.

Save calibration settings for lenses to reuse them or export Lens Calibration data can to read into Nuke’s STMap node or other VFX applications.

Getting started with Lens Calibration | 9:37


Mocha Pro 2024
Mocha AE / Mocha HitFilm / Mocha VEGAS
Mocha integrated in Continuum/Sapphire
Planar Tracking
Roto & Masking
AdjustTrack Module
Essentials Interface
Magnetic Spline & Freehand Spline Tools
Node-based Navigation
Remove Module
Stabilization Module
Lens Module
Insert Module for Match Moves w/ Mesh Warper
New 3D Camera Solver
Stereoscopic 3D
Standalone Application Option
Integrated Plug-in Option
Floating License & BG Render Options
GPU Accelerated Planar Tracking
GPU Accelerated Remove Module
Export track, roto & 3D data to all hosts*
macOS & Windows support
Linux Support
* Essentials Interface not available in Mocha Hitfilm ** Linux is not supported for Continuum

Data Exports

Hosts and Formats
Mocha Pro 2024
Mocha AE / Mocha HitFilm / Mocha VEGAS
Mocha integrated in Continuum/Sapphire
Adobe After Effects CC
Tracking, Splines, 3D*, Lens**
Tracking & Splines (Mocha AE only)
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Apple Motion
Assimilate Scratch
Autodesk Flame Family
Tracking, Splines, 3D
Tracking & Splines (Sapphire only)
Autodesk Maya & 3DS Max
Blackmagic Design Fusion
Tracking, Splines
Boris FX Continuum
Foundry Nuke
Tracking, Splines, 3D
HitFilm Pro
Tracking, Splines, 3D
Tracking, Splines, 3D (HitFilm Pro only)
Maxon C4D
HitFilm Pro
Mocha Blend
Tracking & Splines
SideFX Houdini
Boris FX Silhouette
Splines (standalone Mocha only)
Tracking & Splines
Tracking & Splines
* Requires the free 3D Track Importer plug-in for After Effects download ** Requires the free Mocha Lens Importer plug-in for After Effects download

Whether you are working in Mocha AE, Mocha Pro or the integrated Mocha tools in Continuum or Sapphire, we recommend watching the Getting Started with Mocha training series.

Over 4 hours of training videos to help you get up and running quickly.

Stream it for free or purchase here for downloadable projects and assets.


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Frequently asked questions

How to install Mocha Pro in After Effects?
Mocha Pro can be easily installed for Adobe After Effects with a few easy steps. First off, make sure you have downloaded the correct Mocha Pro for Adobe installer, which can be found here. We made a short video to guide you through the rest of the process installing Mocha for After Effects. Mac users can click here, and Windows users can click here.
How to install Mocha Pro in Premiere Pro?
Mocha Pro can be easily installed for Adobe Premiere Pro with a few easy steps. First off, make sure you have downloaded the correct Mocha Pro for Adobe installer, which can be found here. We made a short video to guide you through the rest of the process installing Mocha for Premiere. Mac users can click here, and Windows users can click here.
How much does the Mocha plugin cost?
We offer many different pricing options for all different types of customers. The Mocha Pro plugin for Adobe, OFX, or Avid costs $37 per month and $295 per year. If you would like a perpetual license, that would cost $695 and come with a free year of upgrades and support. If you would like to use Mocha Pro in multiple different hosts on the same workstation, you would need to purchase a multi-host license. A Mocha Pro multi-host license is $75 per month and $595 per year. A perpetual multi-host license for Mocha Pro costs $1495. For floating license and enterprise pricing, please contact sales.
What is a Machine ID?
Your Machine ID is your Ethernet ID/MAC address. It consists of 6 pairs of numbers and letters A-F. You may see these pairs un-separated (d312a930bc7f), separated by colons (d3:12:a9:30:bc:7f) or separated by dashes (d3-12-a9-30-bc-7f). To find your Machine ID, please follow the steps below:
On Windows - Go to the Start menu, then in the search box type “cmd” and hit Enter. In the cmd window, type “ipconfig /all”. Find the line that reads “Physical Address”. This is your Machine ID.
On Mac - Go to System Preferences > Network and select your active network interface (e.g., Ethernet). From the list on the left. Click on ‘Advanced…’, then on ‘Hardware’. The Machine ID is listed under “MAC Address”.
On Linux - Open a terminal/shell window, and type “ifconfig”. Look for “Hwaddr” under eth0. This is your Machine ID.
How do I open Mocha Pro inside After Effects?
It’s easy to open Mocha Pro inside Adobe After Effects with a few quick clicks. After you’ve downloaded and installed Mocha Pro onto your machine, open After Effects, add your footage, and select the footage layer you’d like to track. Next, you’ll go to the Effects panel in AE, find “Boris FX Mocha,” and click on “Mocha Pro.” Click the launch Mocha button in the pop up and you’re well on your way. You can also find helpful info in our Quick Start guide.
What is Mocha Pro?
Mocha Pro is an Academy and Emmy Award-winning planar tracking and masking plugin that helps you tackle advanced VFX tasks inside Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve & Fusion, VEGAS Pro, and others.
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Plans and pricing

Mocha Pro

Award-winning tracking & masking

What you get:
  • 3D camera solves powered by SynthEyes
  • PowerMesh warp tracking
  • Screen inserts & replacements
  • Wire & object removes
  • Optimized for 360/VR workflows
  • Image & camera stabilization

Boris FX Suite

The Ultimate VFX Toolkit

What you get:
  • Includes Continuum, CrumplePop, Mocha Pro, Optics, Sapphire, Silhouette, and SynthEyes
  • Includes a multi-host license for all supported hosts
  • Continuous access to the most recent updates, enhancements, and upgrades

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