mocha Plus
03 June 2015

Q. I own mocha Plus, why is it no longer on your site? A. Imagineer has recently stopped selling mocha Plus, but it can still be downloaded from our downloadssection. Customers that own a mocha Plus license will be rewarded with a special upgrade discount to mocha Pro 5. The...

Soundbite Loads but is Not Functional
27 May 2015

Subject :  Soundbite loads but the functionality has stopped. Issue :  User is unable to Open files, Index folders, or Delete already Indexed folders. Cause :  This would be due to a corruption of the Soundbite protocols, which will need to be reset. Steps to work around this issue :...

Title 3D Crashing
27 May 2015

Subject :  Title 3D Crashing Issue :  Title 3D crashing Final Cut Pro when applying, launching or rendering. Steps to work around the issue: 1. Quit Final Cut Pro and go to this location in the Finder -Macintosh HD :: Users :: [ Current User/Home ] :: Library** :: Preferences...

BCC Suddenly Experiences Problems on Windows
27 May 2015

Subject : BCC Suddenly Having Problems On Windows Issue : My BCC Is Suddenly Experiencing Problems On My Windows System; Reinstalling Does Not Help Cause : Recent Changes, Manual Or Automated, Have Caused A Corruption in BCCʼs Behavioral Protocols How to Get Around the Issue : 1. Close your Host...

One Frame Watermarks on BCC AVX 9 on Mac
27 May 2015

Subject : One Frame Watermarks on BCC AVX 9 on Mac Issue : When I render my BCC AVX 9 effects, each effect has a watermark on the first frame.  This isnʼt visible before render, and the BCC AVX 9 software is fully licensed. Cause : Problematic Build How to...

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