Mocha Pro: plug-in or standalone application?

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Q. What Mocha Pro option should I buy, the plug-in or the standalone application? What is the difference between the Mocha plug-in and standalone?

A. For most Mocha Pro users, the plug-in is the best choice for usability and integration with your host application, below are some situations where you might want to use the standalone application.

  1. Large roto projects or assistant stations. Some of our customers have a large number of roto artists, who only do roto. If they spend all of their time in Mocha, using the standalone version avoids the facility needing to buy host software seats for these artists. Facilities with a finishing artist working in Flame or color grading suites such as Resolve or Baselight often have an assistant station handling the tracking, roto or object removals and Mocha Pro standalone supports these sites well.
  2. Python scripting. Mocha standalone has a Python scripting engine and can be extended to integrate with asset management pipelines, provide custom tools, etc. This is something that large facilities find useful. Learn more about Mocha’s Python Support.
  3. Working with unsupported hosts. Mocha was a standalone application for a long time before it was a plug-in. In that time we developed workflows to export tracking and shape data to most VFX or editing software. After Effects CS6 is an example of where you would need the standalone version because the plug-in only works in CC. Other examples include Apple FCP X, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Flame, Assimilate Scratch and any 3D packages where you might use Mocha’s camera solve data. View the Mocha tech/specs chart to see what data formats Mocha supports.
  4. Performance. There are some situations where Mocha standalone will render or track more quickly than the plug-in version. This depends on many factors and is different for each host, but if you want to track high-res footage with a computer that doesn’t have much RAM, the standalone application will be faster.
  5. Multi-tasking: Running Mocha as a plug-in is modal, meaning that while Mocha’s interface is active, you work in Mocha, then close it to return to your host. Some VFX artists like the flexibility of keeping Mocha and Nuke (or AE) always running on the same system to multi-task and set up Mocha to run on one monitor and Nuke on the other. For this scenario, the standalone is best fit.

Mocha Pro can be purchased with various license options:

Individual Host License: As a plug-in for individual hosts: Adobe, Avid, OFX (Choose OFX for Nuke, Fusion, Vegas Pro & HitFilm).

Multi-Host License: One license will work in all three hosts.

Standalone Application + Multi-Host: The standalone application option includes the multi-host plug-in license free of charge.

More questions? Please view the price list or contact our sales team.


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