Mocha AE (Mocha for After Effects)

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Q: What is Mocha AE?
A: Mocha AE is the bundled planar tracking and masking plug-in that has been licensed to Adobe since 2008, starting with CS4. Mocha AE CC has recently been updated in After Effects 2019. Select a layer and go to: Animation > track in Mocha

Q: What is the difference between the new Mocha Pro 2019 and the Mocha AE CC that ships with Creative Cloud?
A: Mocha Pro has many significant features not found in the Adobe bundled Mocha AE CC:
  • Advanced Modules: Lens, Insert, Remove, 3D Solve, Stabilize
  • GPU accelerated tracking and object removal
  • Stereo 360/VR workflows
  • Export data to industry standard systems
For a full list, please view the product comparison chart.
Q. Why do you sell Mocha, when it is bundled with After Effects?
A. While Mocha AE CC contains many features, Mocha Pro is designed to have more advanced VFX features and supports many more hosts with export for Premiere, Nuke, Fusion, Autodesk and many more. We now have a simplified product lineup with Mocha Pro 2019 our flagship product. We highly encourage new users to start with the Adobe bundled Mocha AE CC, if you are happy and want to learn more, download a free 14 day trial of Mocha Pro.


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