Can Different Versions of Sapphire Be Installed On My Machine At the Same Time?

Tags: Sapphire

Unfortunately, apart from our Autodesk plugins, it is not possible to install multiple versions of Sapphire for the same host on one system. Our Sapphire Installer is designed to replace all other versions of Sapphire for your chosen host (but not for other host products). This prevents confusion from multiple copies of the same effects, and allows your saved projects to automatically use the new version. To use an older version of Sapphire on your machine, please uninstall the current version and install the older version.

If you are installing multiple versions of Sapphire for Autodesk, the different Sapphire versions will be installed in different directories, and can be on your system at the same time. Please be advised, however, that the names of the sparks are the same in both versions, which can lead to confusion and workflow errors.


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