Mocha Pro Licensing Questions

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Q. How many computers can I install a license on? 

A. Mocha Pro 5 now has an improved license system allowing users to activate or deactivate their software license while connected to the internet. This allows a user to install the software on multiple systems, then "activate" the Mocha Pro 5 license on their computer of choice. Simply "deactivate" your license to move it to a new system. Customers not connected to the internet should contact our support team for manual license transfers. 

Q. What is a floating license? 
A. A floating license is a license that can be shared across a networked group of computers. For example a 10-seat floating allows any 10 systems on the network the ability to can run the licenses at one time. In the situation when all 10 licenses are being used, further users will get errors on launching the software. For more information on floating licenses, please view our license installation guide

Q. Can I transfer my license? My computer has changed. 
A. We do grant licenses transfers due to normal situations such as computer malfunction or hardware upgrade. Contact support to request a license transfer. We do our very best to support users, but please plan for 1 business day turnaround for license transfer requests. Please note, if you do not have a current support contract, there is a per instance support fee of $195.00 for non-current licenses. 

Please Note: License transfers do not take the place of license purchases. Customers that abuse license transfer privileges may be asked to show proof of hardware failure or refused transfer request. 

Q. I run a school lab or large facility, do you have site licenses? 
A. Yes, Boris FX offers a special 50-seat educational site license for schools. For enterprise facilities we will work with you on a custom solution. Please contact us.


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