Q. I purchased VEGAS Pro 18 Suite and I saw I got free Boris plugins. Is this true?
Yes! With every purchase of VEGAS Pro 18 Suite, you are entitled to receive a license for the Particles Unit, Image Restoration Unit, and Film Style unit. These 3 effect units are part of the Continuum Suite, a collection of over 250 plug-ins.

Q. How do I get my free Boris plugins?
When you purchased VEGAS Pro 18 Suite, you received an email from MAGIX which contained a Boris Continuum activation key. Click here to activate your plugins.

Q. Ok, I entered my Continuum activation key, now what?
After entering your key, you will receive an email with installation instructions and a link for the correct Continuum installer.

Q. Wait a second, there are three units and three activation keys. Do I have to run the installer three times?
Yes, you will need to run the installer three times and enter each key separately. This will license all three Continuum units for VEGAS Pro 18 Suite.

Q. All my plugins have a watermark on them. How do I fix this?
Continuum is a suite of over 250 plugins. Your license for VEGAS Pro 18 Suite entitles you to license a small portion of our plugins. Upon installation, you are given the option to either “show all plugins” or “show licensed plugins”. Choose “show all plugins” to see everything has to offer, but be aware all unlicensed plugins will feature a watermark. If you choose to “show licensed plugins only”, only the plugins you have licensed will be shown in VEGAS.

Q. What do these plugins do anyways?
For information on the Particles Unit, click here. For information on the Image Restoration Unit, click here. For information on the Film Style Unit, click here.

Q. I had some older Boris plugins that disappeared. What happened?
Only one version of Boris FX plugins can be installed for VEGAS at any one time. So, if you have VEGAS Pro 17 with legacy Continuum plugins, these will be replaced with the newer versions that ship with VEGAS Pro 18. We strongly suggest if you wish to keep older Boris FX plugins, then you do not install these current products as they will overwrite any older plugins.

Q. I love the Boris FX plugins for VEGAS Pro 18! Can I upgrade to the full suite?
Yes! VEGAS Pro 18 owners can upgrade to the full suite of at the discounted price of $395.00. Please contact sales for more information.

Q. Can I have a trial of Continuum for VEGAS Pro 18?
Yes, we do offer a free 30 day watermarked trial of Continuum for VEGAS Pro. We do not offer watermark-free trials of Continuum.

Q. Can I use older plugins inside of VEGAS Pro 18?
At this time, we only support Continuum 2020.5 for VEGAS Pro 18. Customers who have upgraded to VEGAS Pro 18 and have older licenses of Boris Continuum plugins should contact sales or more information on upgrading to Continuum 2019.5.


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