Sapphire Units FAQ

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Are Sapphire Units perpetual licenses or subscription?

Sapphire Units are offered as perpetual (node-locked) licenses only. Subscription pricing is offered for the full Sapphire suite only.

Can I buy a dongle or a floating license for a Sapphire Unit?

Sapphire Units do not support floating license activations or dongle activations.

If I purchase a Sapphire Unit, then decide at a later date to upgrade to the full Sapphire suite, can I use the price paid as a credit?

Yes! Any single Sapphire Unit purchase price can be applied as a credit toward the purchase of the full Sapphire suite.

What hosts are supported for Sapphire Units?

Adobe, Avid, Resolve, Nuke and other supported OFX hosts with the exception of Baselight and Resolve for Linux. These two OFX applications require floating licenses, which are not supported for Sapphire Units. Please purchase the full suite to use Sapphire for Baselight or Resolve for Linux.

If I have two host applications installed on the same machine, say Avid and Premiere, will a Sapphire Unit work in both?

Yes, all Sapphire unit licenses are cross-host, meaning you can use it for all supported hosts that are installed on the same machine.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to activate a Sapphire Unit license?

Yes, you need an internet connection to license a Sapphire Unit. Offline license activation is not supported for Sapphire Units. If you require offline activation, you need to license the full Sapphire suite.

I don’t see the Composite category offered as a Sapphire Unit. Am I missing something?

You are correct, the Composite category is not offered as a Sapphire Unit for purchase. It is comprised mostly of older legacy effects and we have decided to only continue to offer it as part of the Sapphire full suite.

Why is Builder not offered as a Sapphire Unit?

You need all of Sapphire to have Builder function as intended. Sapphire units do not support either the Effect Builder or the Transition Builder. They are both features of the full Sapphire suite only.

Can I purchase an Upgrade and Support plan with a Sapphire Unit?

No, there is no Upgrade and Support plan available for Sapphire Units.

Are Render Nodes supported for Sapphire Units?

No, render nodes are not supported. Free and unlimited render nodes are a benefit of the Boris FX Upgrade and Support plan and Units are not supported under this plan.

Is there technical support offered with a Sapphire Unit purchase?

Yes, we offer email only technical support with Sapphire Unit purchases. For telephone support, you need to purchase the full suite with an Upgrade and Support plan.

In the future, will I be able to upgrade a Sapphire Unit?

Yes, you will always be able to upgrade a Sapphire Unit for a small fee.

What happens if I have a legacy version of the full Sapphire suite installed and I purchase a new Sapphire Unit?

Can I install multiple Sapphire Units?

Yes, you can install multiple Sapphire Units together on one machine. At some point, it might more sense to just purchase a full license subscription, but it is possible.

Will my Sapphire Unit work forever?

Yes! The license will never expire. We cannot always guarantee that legacy versions of Sapphire will work with future OS and host versions. For this reason, we strongly recommend always maintaining the current version of Sapphire. You can view the currently approved OS/Host compatibility matrixes here:



Resolve, Nuke and other supported OFX


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