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Q. I am not sure the differences between your products. Which do I choose? A.With the Mocha Pro 5 release we have simplified our offering. Choose from the Mocha Proplug-in or standalone options. The compare products chart  shows the differences between Mocha Pro 5 and the Adobe & HitFilm bundled Mocha products (Mocha AE / Mocha HitFilm).
Q. Do I need the standalone or the plug-in option? A. The standalone and the plug-in option share an almost identical feature set and the ability to export tracking and roto data to most popular formats. The main difference: the plug-in runs inside your host application and uses the host's media engine whereas the standalone does not require a host software. If you only use only Adobe AfterEffects & Premiere OR Avid, you may only require the Adobe or Avid specific plug-in. If youuse Adobe, Avid, Nuke, Resolve or Fusion, you many want the Multi-host option. If you have dedicated roto and tracking artists OR want to build an assistant station dedicated to Mocha Pro, choose the standalone option. Please note: the Mocha Pro 5 plug-in is not available as a floating license. If you have a large site that requires floating licenses, please contact our sales team for pricing.

Below are basic descriptions of Mocha powered products currently available for purchase on our website.

Mocha Pro 5 Planar motion tracking & roto masking tool with advanced modules for visual effects and finishing. Available as a stand alone application OR as a plug-in option that runs inside of Adobe AE, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer (OFX for Nuke, Resolve and other hosts coming soon). Both the plug-in and stand alone can export tracking or roto data to:Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, Apple Final Cut Pro v7, AppleMotion, Autodesk Flame, Autodesk Smoke , HitFilm, Maya, Maxon Cinema4D,Assimilate Scratch, Boris FX, BlackmagicFusion, The Foundry Nuke, Red Giant and Quantel. Includes advanced modules: Lens Distortion, Object Removal, Insert w/ mesh warper, Stabilize and 3D Camera Solver and Stereo 3D support. Compliments almost all industry editing, effects and 3D software. Available on OS-X, Windows & Linux. learn more     purchase now
Boris Continuum Complete (BCC)  Boris FX is Imagineer's parent company and has integratedMocha technology into flagship plug-in package BCC. BCC 10 containsover 250 plug-ins for professional editing, motion graphics and finishing. Includes tools for 3D titling and motion graphics, Image Restoration, Lights, Particles and more. New in BCC 10 is integrated Mocha/Pixel Chooser found inside almost every effect. The integrated Mocha is used for isolating effects and filters OR motion tracking lens flares andobjects. While this is a very powerful application inside the BCC filters, Mocha Procontains advanced modules for visual effects and the added ability to export track and roto data to almost all industry standard formats. BCC 10 is currently available on OS-X & Windows. learn more
CoreMelt: SliceX/TrackX/DriveX powered by Mocha For Final Cut Pro Xusers, Imagineer licenses the Mocha tracking engine to FxPlugdeveloper CoreMelt. Thisset of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro XbringsMocha'strackingandmaskingfunctionality to the FCPX timeline at a very affordable price.Used for screen inserts, text tracking, isolating color correction, blurs and more. Available on OS-X only. learn more 
Still confused? Please contact our sales team and we will do our best to help. Additionally, you can browse the forums to talk to other Mocha users.


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