Will projects saved with prior Sapphire versions continue to work with Sapphire v11?

Tags: Sapphire

With the exception of our Autodesk Plugins, any projects containing Sapphire v2.093, v5, v6, v7, v8 and v9 effects will automatically be converted to use Sapphire v11 when opened with Sapphire v11. Please note, however, that after saving, these projects will be converted to the Sapphire v10 format and can no longer be opened by older Sapphire versions. In other words, while it possible to move forward across versions, it is not possible to move back.

For instructions on upgrading your older Autodesk Setups to Sapphire Version 11, please visit https://borisfx.com/faq/sapphire-autodesk-update-setups/


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