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Q.What is new in Mocha Pro version 5? 

A. New features are listed below:

  • Plug-in Option: Mocha Pro can run as plug-in, using host media engine (Adobe, Avid, OFX)
  • OpenCL GPU accelerated Planar Tracking
  • Improved project format = Faster Save & Load
  • Improved license system (allows users to activate & deactivate license)
  • Integrated Python Module with scripting interface*
  • User Interface & Layout improvements

New Import/Export Support Features:

  • Export Mocha roto shapes to Blackmagic Fusion*
  • Batch export Mocha roto shapes to Autodesk Flame Gmask
  • Import & export roto projects to Silhouette*
  • Export tracking, roto & 3D camera to MochaBlend plug-in for Maxon C4D
  • Export planar tracking data to HitFilm 4 Pr0
*requires Mocha Pro 5 standalone. Currently not supported in plug-in.
Q.What was new in Mocha Pro version 4? 

A. New features are listed below:

  • Stereoscopic 3D: All modules updated for S3D planar tracking, roto, remove, 3D solver.
  • Python scripting support
  • Customizable keyboard shortcut Interface
  • Newexports includes Nuke tracker node and Adobe Premiere support.
  • Newinterface icons and high res retina display support
  • Improved file format handling
  • Many bug fixes
If you are not familiar with Mocha Pro, it is worthwhile to view the product comparison chart.
Q. What formats does Mocha Pro support? What are the recommended hardware requirements?

A.Please review the Mocha Pro technical specs page found here.


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