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What is Particle Illusion?

Particle Illusion is a legendary particle generator that gives motion graphics designers, visual effects artists, and video editors access to thousands of professionally-designed, drag-and-drop particle emitters. Particle Illusion’s massive Emitter Library features photorealistic effects to easily add explosions, fire, smoke, dust, snow, fireworks, abstract organic elements, and even retro video game-inspired graphics to titles, lower thirds, and motion backgrounds. Users can choose to render out a preset as is or tweak parameters to create custom animations. Particle Illusion has two versions, a paid plugin and a free standalone application. The best way to see what Particle Illusion is all about is to watch our short overview video.

How can I get Particle Illusion?

Particle Illusion has two versions, a paid plugin and a free standalone application.

The plugin version comes bundled with the Continuum suite of plugins, and can also be purchased as part of the Continuum Particles Unit or as a Continuum Premium Filter.

Did you really just say Particle Illusion is free?

Yes! Particle Illusion Standalone is completely free, and has no licensing, watermarking or limitations. You are free to use this as you please and for any use, including professional work.

What’s the difference between the plugin version of Particle Illusion and the standalone?

Well, first and foremost, the standalone version is FREE! Another main difference is the plugin version allows you to directly composite particles over source footage in a supported host application and gives you access to the integrated Mocha tracker and more. There are many other differences between the plugin version and the standalone; a full comparison chart can be found here.

Is the Particle Illusion standalone application limited in some way?

The Particle Illusion standalone application is fully functional and will continue to be developed with new features. Currently, there is a limitation that prevents a user from importing a background video layer, but that may change in the future as we develop Particle Illusion.

If I can’t composite particles over a background layer in the Standalone application, how do I use it?

First, you can render out your particles as Apple ProRes 4444 with an alpha channel for compositing in a separate application, like Adobe After Effects or The Foundry’s Nuke. Secondly, you can import a Particle Illusion project from the standalone application into the paid plugin version, and finish the composite there.

Do you offer technical support for Particle Illusion?

You can only get support for the Particle Illusion Standalone application in the Particle Illusion Forum, which can be found here. There is no email or phone support.

The plugin version of Particle Illusion included in the full suite of Continuum comes with one year of free upgrades plus email and phone support. The Continuum Particles Units and the Particle Illusion Premium Filter both have access to email support only. The Particle Illusion Forum is also available for support.

What’s the best way to learn to use Particle Illusion?

Great question! We have created an amazing learning series that will take you from novice to expert level. You can access this free online training here.

Does Particle Illusion work in 3D with the After Effects or Nuke cameras?

No, at this time Particle Illusion is a 2D particle system only.

How do I dissolve a logo into particles?

You need the plugin version of Particle Illusion for that, and this video tutorial shows you how to do that.


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