COVID-19 "At Home" Licensing FAQ

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I have heard that Boris FX is providing temporary free licenses for those affected by COVID-19. How do I get an at-home license of Sapphire, Continuum, Mocha Pro, or Silhouette?

Great question! Temporary licenses are being provided for individuals and companies under active upgrade and support plans with floating licenses whose offices and facilities have temporarily been closed due to issues related to COVID-19. These licenses are not intended for individual users who already own Boris FX products and wish to receive an additional free license. If you or your company find yourself in this unfortunate position, please contact to speak to a representative who can assist you.

Ok, so the temporary at-home licenses are for floating license customers. What about those of us with node-locked license and subscriptions?

We have made some changes to the Customer Account page and now customers have the ability to reset their licenses without calling into support. Under the licenses tab, you can click on the “reset” link, and all licenses associated with the selected activation code will be reset. You can reset a code once every 30 days, so hopefully you can move your license home until we all get back to work, and then reset again to move it back to the office.

I am an employee or freelancer contractor who works for a company affected by COVID-19. Should I reach out personally or have my company contact you?

Please have the company of record submit all requests on behalf of employees and contractors. We will do our best to fill all requests as soon as possible.

Do I need to know my floating license activation code to obtain a temporary at-home license? Yes, you will need to have access to your current activation code or account page to request a free at-home license.

I’d like to request a code now, but I won’t be working from home for a few days. When will the 60 day time period begin?

The 60 day time period will begin when the at-home license is requested.

I have been using an older floating Boris FX product at work, and now need access at home. Can I request a license for a legacy product?

Unfortunately, all at-home licenses will be for the 2020 product lines. We cannot issue temporary licenses for legacy products. Please be aware that any projects that are created or saved with a 2020 version will not be able to be opened in a legacy version.

What floating license products can I request an at-home license for?

We are offering at-home licenses for Sapphire, Continuum, Mocha Pro, and Silhouette licenses. Legacy products and Sapphire and Continuum individual effect units and premium filters do not qualify.

I’m confused and need help. What do I do?

Please reach out to, we will do our best to help you figure out a way to keep working.


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