Why can I only export ten frames or why are all my renders watermarked?!

Tags: Mocha Pro , Support FAQ

You are running Mocha in learning edition (LE) mode. In LE mode, exports are limited to 10 frames andrenders have watermarks on them. LE mode exists so that you can continue to learn Mocha even after your 15 day trial has expired. If you are running on a floating license and you see the that you are running in LE mode, all your licenses have been checked out. If you have been working on a file on a node-locked license and you lose your license to another user, do not save your file in LE mode. If you have saved your file, you will have to send it to our support team to be unlocked. Be advised, it may take anywhere from 24-72 hours to unlock your LE mode files. Keep your splash screen on if you are running floating licenses so that you can look out for this warning: “Warning! You are Running in LE Mode.


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