Sapphire Plug-ins for Open Fx: EdgeAwareBlur


Blur regions of similar color while preserving edges between regions of different colors.

In the Sapphire Blur+Sharpen effects submenu.


Source: The clip to be processed.

Edge_Source: Optional. Image used to compute edge strength. Defaults to the Source, but a different image of the same size can be supplied for artistic effects.

Mask: Optional. If provided, the blur is only performed on regions of the source clip specified by the bright areas of this input. Pixels outside this mask are not blurred, and do not contribute to the resulting blurred pixels within it. This input can be affected using the Invert Mask, or Mask Use parameters.


Load Preset: Push-button .
Brings up the Preset Browser to browse all available presets for this effect.

Save Preset: Push-button .
Brings up the Preset Save dialog to save a preset for this effect.

Mocha Project: Default: 0, Range: 0 or greater.
Brings up the Mocha window for tracking footage and generating masks.

Blur Mocha: Default: 0, Range: 0 or greater.
Blurs the Mocha Mask by this amount before using. This can be used to soften the edges or quantization artifacts of the mask, and smooth out the time displacements.

Mocha Opacity: Default: 1, Range: 0 to 1.
Controls the strength of the Mocha mask. Lower values reduce the intensity of the effect.

Invert Mocha: Check-box,  Default: off.
If enabled, the black and white of the Mocha Mask are inverted before applying the effect.

Resize Mocha: Default: 1, Range: 0 to 2.
Scales the Mocha Mask. 1.0 is the original size.

Resize Rel X: Default: 1, Range: 0 to 2.
The relative horizontal size of the Mocha Mask.

Resize Rel Y: Default: 1, Range: 0 to 2.
The relative vertical size of the Mocha Mask.

Shift Mocha: X & Y,   Default: [0 0], Range: any.
Offsets the position of the Mocha Mask.

Bypass Mocha: Check-box,  Default: off.
Ignore the Mocha Mask and apply the effect to the entire source clip.

Show Mocha Only: Check-box,  Default: off.
Bypass the effect and show the Mocha Mask itself.

Combine Masks: Popup menu,  Default: Union .
Determines how to combine the Mocha Mask and Input Mask when both are supplied to the effect.
Union: Uses the area covered by both masks together.
Intersect: Uses the area that overlaps between the two masks.
Mocha Only: Ignore the Input Mask and only use the Mocha Mask.

Blur Amount: Default: 0.4, Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the width of the blur. This parameter can be adjusted using the Blur Amount Widget.

Blur Rel: X & Y,   Default: [1 1], Range: 0 or greater.
The relative horizontal and vertical blur widths. Set Blur Rel X to 0 for a vertical-only blur, or set Blur Rel Y to 0 for a horizontal-only blur. This parameter can be adjusted using the Blur Amount Widget.

Edge Threshold: Default: 0.1, Range: 0 or greater.
Color regions separate by an edge larger than this value will not blur into each other.

Edge Smooth: Default: 0, Range: 0 or greater.
Blur the Edge Source by this amount before calculating edge strength.

Use Alpha Edges: Check-box,  Default: off.
Include the alpha channel when calculating edge strength.

Blur Type: Popup menu,  Default: Sharp Edges .
Determines the style of blur effect.
Sharp Edges: Reinforces strong edges, producing a watercolor- or cartoon-like effect.
Soft Edges: Doesn't emphasize edges, producing a more natural blur effect.
Softer Edges: Blurs pixels near edges a little, producing a soft-focus-like effect.

Filter: Popup menu,  Default: Gauss .
The type of convolution filter to blur with.
Box: uses a rectangular shaped filter.
Triangle: smoother, uses a pyramid shaped filter.
Gauss: smoothest, uses a gaussian shaped filter.
Smooth: repeatedly applies gaussian filter to eliminate artifacts from edges.

Subpixel: Check-box,  Default: on.
Enables blurring by subpixel amounts. Use this for smoother animation of the Blur Amount or Blur Rel parameters. Only effects the Sharp Edges blur type.

Invert Mask: Check-box,  Default: off.
If on, inverts the mask input so the effect is applied to areas where the Mask is black instead of white. This has no effect unless the Mask input is provided.

Mask Use: Popup menu,  Default: Luma .
Determines how the Mask input channels are used to make a monochrome mask.
Luma: the luminance of the RGB channels is used.
Alpha: only the Alpha channel is used.

Show Blur Amount: Check-box, Default: on.
Turns on or off the screen user interface for adjusting the blur amount parameters.

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