Continuum VR Unit for Adobe - VR Reorient & VR Insert

May 4, 2018

Host: Adobe

Adobe certified trainer, Nick Harauz, takes you through the VR Blur and VR Insert filters in the Continuum VR Unit.

VR Insert
VR Insert allows users to easily insert a secondary source clip, title, logo, etc. into a 360/VR shot in true 360/VR space in either mono or stereo format in addition to providing a full array of controls to reorient the source in 360/VR space.

VR Reorient
Use the VR Reorient filter to re-position or center the hero view, fix footage shot at angles or drones, and flatten the horizon.

Learn more about VR Sharpen, VR Blur, and VR Flicker Fixer, the other filters included in the Continuum VR Unit.