Continuum VR Unit for Adobe - VR Sharpen, VR Flicker Fixer & VR Blur

Date: May 4, 2018 | Duration: | Views: | Likes:

Host: Adobe

In this video, Adobe certified trainer, Nick Harauz, shows you the ins and outs of three VR filters included in the VR Unit from Boris FX.

VR Sharpen
The VR Sharpen filter provides the highest quality 360 video sharpening available in a plugin. It uses state-of-the-art image algorithms to enhance image detail while minimizing artifacts associated with traditional sharpening tools.

VR Flicker Fixer
The VR Flicker Fixer filter provides 3 different methods for removing flicker.

VR Blur
The Blur filter generates out-of-focus effects by emulating the look of shooting with soft focus or a lens diffusion filter. Designed from the ground up to operate in 360/VR with multiple edge wrap modes to process pixels that reside along the edge of the 360 seam.

Learn more about VR Insert and VR Reorient, the other filters included in the Continuum VR Unit.