Mocha Pro 2019: GPU Accelerated Object Removals

September 24, 2018

New! Mocha Pro’s Remove Module has been rewritten to optimize GPU video hardware for up to 4-5x speed improvements* on object removal and clean plating projects.

New in Mocha 2019, we have added powerful Open CL based GPU Accelerated Object Removal delivering dramatically faster renders. Depending on your video card and the size of the project, you can expect removes to fly past at up to 500% speeds when compared to CPU rendering.

Mocha Pro and Mocha VR features are now combined into one product. This means that the remove tool works just as well on HD, 4K and stereoscopic 360° video without having to switch applications. When working in 360 video, you can pan around your VR workspace in spherical mode to get rid of VR rigs, visible crew members, and more!

Thanks to Pond5 for providing the stock footage used in this video.

Many thanks to our amazing customers for providing before/after examples of their work!

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*Results can vary depending on your video hardware, clip dimensions, frame rate and other factors.