Whether you need to obscure the identity of single or multiple subjects in a scene or highlight a region in a shot the Continuum Witness Protection filter makes this a speedy and easy task. At the core of the filter we have the academy award winning mocha masking and tracking system, which can be used to isolate any number of objects in a scene for treatment with the integrated effects. And speaking of effects, the Witness Protection filter includes 4 user selectable options (blur, mosaic, tint, brightness/contrast) each of which can be fully customized to suit the specific source shot that you’re working with.



  • Integrated PixelChooser with Mocha tracking and masking system
  • Create unlimited static or animated shapes
  • Multiple effect options for image obscuration including Blur, Mosaic, Tint

The Continuum Witness Protection filter offers multi-host support with a single license.

Additional Witness Protection Product Documentation