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Bruce Tovsky is a Renaissance Man.

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His career spans across the arts — editor, painter, printmaker, experimental musician, composer, record producer, and sound engineer.

Currently an editor for Razor & Tie, a New York-based independent music label, Tovsky specializes in music videos (BCC Film Damage is a fave for heavy metal), EPKs (electronic press kits), and tv spots, along with documentaries (a personal love).

Tovsky depends on Boris Continuum Complete in Adobe After Effects, Avid, and Final Cut Pro for all his varied projects. "I enjoy having a palette of tools at my disposal and I like to have a consistency of style," says Tovsky. " The integrated nature of BCC and the wealth of options it gives me makes it my #1 go-to choice for quick and easy effects solutions. "

Most recently, Tovsky wrapped up a documentary where BCC Witness Protection played a lead role. ICC - 60 Years - The History of ICC Industries traces the roots of the chemical giant from a small Jewish Romanian family who escaped the Nazis during World War II to its takeover by the Romanian government to its current billion dollar business led once again by a member of the family.

"Several scenes in Romania were shot without getting releases from many of the people featured in the factory scenes, etc., and there was no way to get them in a timely manner," states Tovsky. "We decided to blur quite a few faces in some pretty bumpy hand-held shots. The built-in motion tracker in BCC Witness Protection was a lifesaver. I worked right within Avid and knocked them all out in less than a day. Brilliant!"

Left: Original ICC factory footage Right: BCC Witness Protection added

"I can't stress enough how BCC's integrated Motion Tracker concept has smoothed my Avid workflow," continues Tovsky. "It also gives me the dependable, innovative, and streamlined grab-bag of effects I need to keep my work cutting-edge. It's the one bundle to have."

Regardless of what he is working on, Tovsky is always thankful. "I'm a lucky, lucky guy to have had the career I've had," professes Tovsky. "As an artist, I love having creative challenges, and I have them every day, all day long!"

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