We’re seeing more detail than ever before in images on screen thanks to cameras equipped with ultra-sharp lenses and highly-sensitive light sensors. The Continuum Beauty Studio filter allows you to easily apply digital make-up. Automatically eliminate wrinkles, pores, and unwanted blemishes.

Make sure your talent is ready for their close-ups.    

The Beauty Studio filter is included in Continuum, the Image Restoration Unit, or can be purchased individually.



The Continuum product line includes Mocha’s Academy Award-winning application (part of the PixelChooser matte and masking system) in most of its filters. Integrated Mocha tools give you the most powerful workflow to create more advanced VFX directly inside the filters. Quickly isolate specific areas of your image by generating an unlimited number of easy-to-use B spline shapes, linking them, and tracking them.

The inclusion of Mocha’s built-in planar tracking and masking system makes the Continuum Beauty Studio filter the best solution for skin smoothing in any supported host or platform.

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The integrated two-stage matte keyer helps isolate skin tones from surrounding areas of the shot, making it possible to easily smooth out imperfections without affecting other areas of the image. Retain image sharpness where it matters most — hair, eyes, and lips — for a natural looking finished result.

The PixelChooser system also includes Mocha’s masking and planar tracking system. Use the toolset favored by the industry’s top VFX compositors to help isolate skin tones from the rest of the shot — all without leaving Beauty Studio.

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Continuum’s Compare Mode lets you work on smoothing your image while viewing the original source. Includes two modes: side-by-side (original versus filtered result) and split mode (set on-screen overlays to swipe across the image).

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One of Beauty Studio’s defining features is its multi-pass image smoothing user interface, giving you direct control over the level of smoothing being applied. Beauty Studio’s multi-pass approach achieves more natural results since smaller pores are treated differently than larger, more visible pores. No more applying standard blurs with uniform, less realistic blurring!

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To ensure that the image maintains a natural look, we added a sharpen option to the filter. This user definable sharpen option means that we can bring back some of the detail that is removed during the smoothing pass to make the image appear as though it was never smoothed or retouched.

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A suite of color correction tools also come standard with Beauty Studio to create a clean, color-balanced result. Use the same matte and masking set up in the smoothing and sharpening passes to contain the color correction pass to just the skin tones. Fine-tune hue, saturation, and luminance levels.

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Add the glamour of Hollywood’s perfectly radiant skin tones in post. Beauty Studio’s integrated glow option lets you apply soft glows that mimic the look created by a soft light box. Easily adjust the amount of glow and tint to produce that sought-after glow.

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You’ve finished the beauty treatment, but you want to slightly backoff the total correction. Now you can. Beauty Studio’s included blend option lets you blend your finished treatment back with the original source shot to create a totally believe result.

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A real life make-up artist knows creating the desired look is all about the details. To help you stay focused as a digital make-up artist/retoucher, Beauty Studio includes the same on-screen controls found in many of Continuum’s filters. The controls can be quickly enabled or disabled via the handy HUD (Heads-Up Display) button in the effects control panel. Keep your eyes on your source shot while you work.

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  • Quickly and easily isolate skin-tones in a source shot with the built-in two stage keyer
  • Multi-stage image smoothing
  • Includes mocha masking and tracking feature
  • Integrated color correction tools including “use mask” option
  • Integrated sharpening tools including “use mask” option
  • Integrated glow feature including “use mask” option
  • Includes Compare Mode to easily see the source and result while fine tuning the filter parameters

The Continuum Beauty Studio filter offers multi-host support with a single license.

Additional Beauty Studio Product Documentation


Product Name: Continuum Beauty Studio
Product Type: Native Interface Plug-Ins

Shipping Version: v11.02
Host Support:
Adobe: Creative Cloud, CS5.5-CC 2018 – After Effects and Premiere Pro
Avid: Media Composer 6.5+
Apple: FCP X & Motion 5
Blackmagic: DaVinci Resolve 12.5+
Sony: Vegas Pro 13
Magix: Vegas Pro 14+
Foundry: Nuke 9+

For compatibility with specific versions and operating systems, please see our Continuum Compatibility Matrix.

Graphics Cards: We recommend that you run the latest graphics card driver version supported by your host application. A graphics card with a minimum of 1GB of RAM is required; 2GB of RAM is recommended.



The Continuum Image Restoration Unit is a set of 16 filters designed specifically for artists and editors engaged in image restoration work such as flicker removal, image sharpening, broadcast legalizer, beauty work etc. Beauty Studio is included in the Continuum Restoration Unit.


Continuum is a set of over 230 image processing, keying, compositing and titling filters including the unique PixelChooser matte and masking system with Mocha planar tracking designed to serve the needs to editors and compositors alike. Beauty Studio is included in Continuum.