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Sapphire is a robust collection of 260+ effects, transitions, and preset looks. The industry's best artists, editors, and animators have looked to Sapphire for over 20 years when they need to create everything from photorealistic effects to breathtaking artistic looks.

Sapphire empowers artists and editors to bring their stories to life. While the effects themselves have a strong reputation for their high quality – particularly for lighting and distortion – Sapphire features tools like Builder that allow users to easily create their own effects and transitions. Sapphire also comes with flexible licensing options such as cross-host licensing and floating licenses to fit your business needs – whether you are a one-person shop or are in need of complex enterprise solutions.  


Builder 2.0

Use multiple source clips inside Builder, either with a matte from a path or alpha channel. Clean up complex node trees with a new snap-to-grid function. The possibilities have truly become limitless with the new and improved effect and transition Builder.

New Presets and Improved Browser

Gaining efficiencies wherever possible is key to the tight project deadlines Sapphire users face. The improved preset browser features easier access to advanced presets and a significant increase in overall load time. Users now have the option to quickly preview any of the over 150 newly added presets within the “new” category with a single click.


Depict accurate lunar cycles down to date and time with this high-resolution, photorealistic moon generator. Using a complex bump map to achieve stunning realism, Luna features a wide array of options such as halo, glow, color tint, and atmosphere.


Form a quilted patchwork of tiles with a textured geometric mosaic overlay. Add in grout, play with different textures, and use custom embossing to achieve a variety of different looks.


Apply realistic paint brush strokes to any image or graphic. Use different mediums like oil or chalk, and many different brush surfaces such as felt tip, sponge, or pencil.

Great software has great features. Check out what makes Sapphire the tool of choice for post-production professionals across the globe, or head over to the effects gallery to see all the amazing effects that come with Sapphire.

How Builder will change the way you work.

Everyone wants to be more efficient. That’s why we created Builder; to increase efficiencies and help you create beautiful work in less time. Learn More 

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