Webinar Replay: What's New in BCC 10 for Avid

October 5, 2015

Mary Poplin, Boris FX/Imagineer Systems Product Specialist, shows you what’s coming up in BCC 10 for Avid – available in a few weeks. Learn how BCC 10 will make you work even faster and give you greater creative freedom. BCC 10 will be available on all platforms.

Top new features include: the PixelChooser - powered by Mocha; Beauty Studio - for all your digital make-up needs; 3D titling & animation tools; image restoration; Maxon Cinema 4D models importation; lights leaks & glitches, and lots more.

Filters Used Include:

BCC Beauty Studio, BCC Cross Glitch, BCC Cross Melt, BCC Cross Zoom, BCC Light Leaks Dissolve, BCC Light Leaks, BCC Gaussian Blur, BCC Rays Puffy, BCC Reframer, BCC Remover, BCC Video Glitch, BCC Title Studio, BCC PixelChooser, Mocha.

Features Units Include:

Image Restoration, Stylize, Transitions, Lights, Blur, 3D Objects