Roto and Clean up using Mocha Pro in NUKE

Date: January 29, 2018 | Duration: | Views: | Likes:

This replay of a live Mocha Pro webinar features professional VFX artist and roto/paint supervisor, Clark Harding.

Along with Boris FX product specialist Mary Poplin, Clark takes an in-depth look at the Mocha for NUKE workflow that he used on tent-pole Hollywood films such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Dr. Strange.

Learn how to apply the Mocha Pro plug-in inside of NUKE, rotoscope twice as fast as tedious hand techniques by making Mocha do your hard work for you, and apply rotopaint for flawless beauty work.

Topics covered:

  • Tracking and Roto in Mocha Pro
  • How to Apply Shapes and Tracking Data into your NUKE Composition
  • Basic and Advanced Roto Techniques
  • Applying Rotopaint using the Mocha Pro Plug-in

While this webinar focused on NUKE workflows, many of the techniques covered are useful for all Mocha, Continuum and Sapphire users — regardless of host application.