Quick Tip: Roto Renders with Silhouette 2021 plugin in NUKE

Date: May 3, 2021 | Duration: | Views: | Likes:

A new Silhouette workflow for professional rotoscoping and visual effects facilities. This quick tip video shows how the new Silhouette 2021 plugin from Boris FX can load and render roto projects directly inside Foundry NUKE.

Avoid long render times or uploading rendered mattes to your team! With this improved and optimized workflow, NUKE users can now load and launch the Silhouette OFX plugin “without a license” to render Silhouette roto projects directly inside NUKE.


  • No license is required to render a Silhouette roto project that has been created on another system inside the new plugin.
  • Editing or modifying the Silhouette project requires a Silhouette 2021 plugin license.
  • Only roto projects will render w/out a license, all other Silhouette project types (such as Paint, Track, Warp, or Composite) require an active Silhouette plugin license to render.
  • The render “without an active license” feature only renders the first entry in the session list.
  • This same workflow described will work with the Silhouette plugin inside Blackmagic Fusion, Adobe After Effects, and other supported hosts.

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