Quick Tip: Manual Track

October 30, 2015

In this short and advanced tutorial, MaryPoplin, imagineer systems Product specialist, shows you how to use manual track on simple and complex planar tracks to correct drift and other tracking problems. Manual Track is usually used when the object you are tracking is completely obscured or becomes untrackable, like laptops closing or turning away from the camera, or faces turning away from camera. Mocha is a very flexible tracker and will save a lot of time, but you will eventually run into a piece of footage that just will not track. Large or continuous obstructions, extreme blur, low contrast details and sudden flashes can all cause drift or untrackable situations. If something just isn’t tracking no matter what you try, consider using Mocha to track as much as possible then move to manual work, or continue to mix both methods. You can often get a lot more done fixing shots by hand with Manual Track or using AdjustTrack in Mocha rather than trying to tweak your shapes and parameters over and over again to get everything done automatically.