Quick Tip: Adjust Track

October 30, 2015

In this short and advanced tutorial, MaryPoplin, imagineer systems Product specialist, shows you how to use adjust track on simple and complex planar tracks to correct drift and other tracking problems. There will be times when tracks can drift due to lack of detail or introduction of small obstructions. When this occurs, manual refinements can be made by using the AdjustTrack tool. To achieve an adjusted track you would ideally line up the surface area where you want to place your insert or lock down your roto. In situations where you don’t require an insertion you should place the corners of the surface area in distinctive locations, as you will need to refer to these locations when you add keyframes to correct the drift. When you have the Surface where you want it to stay locked and are ready to refine the track, flip over into the AdjustTrack module by hitting the AdjustTrack tab… then follow these handy instructions!