Opening Indie Titles in BCC 9

May 19, 2014

In the first of his 3-part series on BCC 9 in Premiere Pro CC, Eran Stern (Stern FX) creates an
opening title sequence for an indie you can imagine premiering at Sundance.

Get an inside look at his creative process and workflow. Apply BCC 2-Strip
and BCC
to set
the tone of the overall sequence. Add BCC Fast Film Glow to the titles and
composite over the footage to create more depth. Use BCC Displacement Map, add
transitions, and lots more.

Filters Used Include: BCC 2-Strip Color , BCC Burnt Film, BCC Color Match
Correct Selected Color
, BCC Displacement Map, BCC Fast Film Glow
, BCC Hue-
, BCC Levels Gamma , BCC Linear Luma Key , BCC Pyramid Blur
, and
BCC Vignette

Featured Units: Art Looks, Blur And Sharpen, Color and Tone, Film Style

Footage courtesy: Tzachi Asher and Videoblocks
Music courtesy: Premium Beat