Object removal made easy with Mocha Pro

August 13, 2017

Object removal made easy with Mocha Pro. This Tutorial by Mary Poplin covers Mocha Pro running inside Adobe Premiere Pro with Photoshop for generating the clean plate.

Removing graffiti on a moving object can be a very difficult post-production task, but with the Mocha Pro plug-in for Adobe (and a little Photoshop cloning), we can make this an automated task.

  1. Mocha Pro is applied as a plug-in inside Premiere.
  2. The side of the camper is tracked with Mocha’s planar tracking.
  3. A mask layer for the graffiti is linked to the first track. (Layer order is important!)
  4. In the Remove Module, “create clean plate” this exports a frame to file.
  5. Open this clip in Photoshop to paint out the one frame. Save.
  6. In Mocha Pro, select “use cleanplates exclusively”.
  7. Choose desired Illumination settings.
  8. Exit to Premiere and turn on Remove Module render.

The Mocha Pro plug-in also supports After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Nuke, Fusion and Sony Vegas.