Mocha Quick Tip: Hide Splines for Roto and Masking

July 23, 2020

Quick Mocha tips to improve your motion tracking and rotoscoping in under 2 mins!

When working on roto, it can be useful to “hide the splines” (found under the Show Tangents viewer icon". You can “Show the Matte” to work on your roto points while hiding the spline overlay itself. You can also “turn off “Colorize Matte” to see the roto work isolated over a color background. A very useful tip!

Shortcut keys:

Show Splines: Alt +5

Show Mattes: Alt +1

This tip is relevant for Mocha Pro, Mocha AE, and the Mocha tools that are included in Boris FX Continuum and Sapphire. Find more Mocha tutorials here.