Mocha Pro: Mega Plates for Flame

January 21, 2020

Mocha Pro 2020 features Mega Plates, a unique module for generating larger than-raster frames based on planar motion tracking and temporal frame analysis. In this tutorial, Flame artist, Dan Harvey shows how Mocha Pro can be applied as an OFX plug-in inside Autodesk Flame for advanced visual effects compositing.

This tutorial features two workflow examples for Flame artists:

Sky Replacement is achieved by planar tracking stock footage and using the Mega Plate module to generate a large backplate out of HD solution footage. Mocha Pro’s Insert module is used to match move the large background to the foreground and final keying and compositing is finished inside Flame’s Batch mode.

3D Environment Map. In this example, Dan uses all the available frames in a panning shot to generate one large image which is then applied to a 3D model as an environment map for lighting and rendering inside Flame’s Action node.

Learn more about Mocha Pro and Mega Plates