Mocha Pro 2019.5 Release Overview

June 5, 2019

Boris FX releases Mocha Pro 2019.5 on June 5, 2019. In this quick video, Mocha Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through the new features:

  • Flame 2020 Support: The Mocha Pro OFX plugin now supports Flame 2020
  • Edge-Snapping: Select points and press Alt+S keys to snap those points to the nearest edge, or hold S to drag-snap
  • After Effects CC Power Pin Export: We now export corner pins to the Power Pin effect
  • Layout Manager: You can now save, modify and order layouts from the View menu. Any new layouts you create will appear in the workspace drop down
  • Autosave now has backups: You can now iterate autosaves to make sure minimal work is lost. Autosaves are no longer removed on exit to the host.
  • Spline and Matte rendering performance improvements: Projects with many layers or control points now render much faster to screen. Mattes also render much faster.

Mocha Pro 2019.5 is a free update to all customers on a current upgrade & support plan or annual subscription.