Mocha mask tracking in Avid Media Composer: BCC 10 PixelChooser

November 18, 2015

Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) 10 includes integrated Mocha tools for creating
roto-masks for isolating effects and advanced layering. Mocha’s streamlined
tools are built inside the PixelChooser to help save time and simplify complex
masking tasks.

In this slow paced, beginner tutorial, Mary Poplin shows you how to use planar
tracking and masking inside of Avid Media Composer using BCC’s Mocha powered
PixelChooser. Mary guides you through the Mocha interface and covers the
basics of planar tracking and linking mask shapes.

This tutorial has everything editors need to get started using Mocha for
robust and precise roto masks inside of the BCC 10 Pixel Chooser.