How to Create a Professional Chroma Key featuring Continuum

November 30, 2017

In this tutorial by Premiere Gal, learn the easiest way to chroma key a green screen by using Primatte Studio, a new feature in Continuum from Boris FX.

0:03 - Introduction to tutorial

0:39 - What is Primatte Studio?

0:53 - Hollywood example uses of the plugin

1:11- Setting up the composition in After Effects

1:24 - Applying BCC Primatte Studio to the green screen footage

1:30 - Primatte’s User Interface (UI)

1:42 - First step: Auto Analyze

1:57 - Matte Status and Cleaning the Background

2:31 - Cleaning the foreground

3:05 - Creating an outside mask with Mocha Pro

3:35 - Removing green spill with spill sponge

3:52- Restoring detail lost

4:29 - How to use Light Wrap

5:34 - Adding a final color touch with BCC Color Balance

5:45 - Outro, give it a thumbs up if you want to learn more!