Fundamentals of Mocha - 09b - Stabilization in Final Cut Pro & Motion

August 20, 2012

Published on Aug 20, 2012

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What you’ll learn: • Use Stabilize in Mocha, Final Cut Pro & Apple Motion • Workaround limitations in Final Cut Pro • Creating a smoothed shot This tutorial is all about Stabilization; how it can help us in Mocha and how we can use the tracking data in Final Cut and Motion. The limitations in FCP are explored again and workarounds are discussed. Once again though, Motion gives us the flexibility and offers more solutions. We see how to add animation to Motion’s “Behaviors” to create a smoothed shot, which maintains the camera move but takes out the bumps. We then see a couple of quick ideas to fill in missing edge details without scaling up too much. Finally we look at an extreme stabilization of position, scale and rotation and a useful Behavior to smooth the shot without adding keyframes.