Fix Vertical Cell Phone Footage with BCC Reframer from Boris FX

January 14, 2016

A common issue in news & documentary post-production is prepping footage
shot with cell phones in “vertical portrait mode” for 16x9 HD broadcast. New
in ** Boris Continuum 10 ** plug-ins is ** BCC Reframer ** . This new filter
gives Avid & Adobe editors the ability to quickly reframe, stylize and
color correct cell phone footage into 16x9 for broadcast in one simple effect

BCC Reframer also includes added tools to apply multiple filters to both the
foreground and background inputs:  blur, glow, sharpen, , mosaic, color
correction, drop shadow and more - all within the effect.

In this quick tutorial, freelancer editor Nathan Ryan walks you through the
BCC Reframe plug-in inside Avid Media Composer, but these same tools are
available for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and soon many more hosts.

Featured Unit: Image Restoration