Area Brush Tool - New in Mocha Pro 2020

Date: October 2, 2019 | Duration: | Views: | Likes:

New to Mocha Pro 2020 is the Area Brush with Quick Mask. Area Brush designed to speed up and simplify Mocha shape creation for planar tracking and masking projects with simple paint strokes.

Select the Area Brush and paint onscreen If you have a Wacom tablet, the brush will scale based on pressure sensitivity.

Click on the "Quick Mask" button OR any other tool to convert your paint to spline and begin tracking.

The power of the Area Brush is the ability to quickly create multiple add or subtract shapes on the same Mocha layer for advanced tracking.


[ key - scale brush radius down

] key - scale brush radius up

Subtract in Quick Mask Mode:

Alt + paint (Windows)

Option + paint (macOS)

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