All About Eyes, Part III: Creating a 3D Object

June 10, 2013

In the third and final installment of All About Eyes, you’ll take everything
you learned in Part I: Iris Texture and Part II: Iris Dilation and map it to a
3D model.

Armed with BCC 3D Objects and BCC Layer Deformer in Adobe After Effects, Boris FX’s Paul Ezzy
shows you how to create a realistic 3D eyeball, complete with 3D lighting and
cameras. Next you’ll discover how to dilate your iris in response to AE
lights. And finally, you’ll make your AE lights cast visible volumetric light
with BCC Stage Light (new to BCC ). The end result? An eerily atmospheric 3D eye
that’s fully integrated with AE lights & camera! Download Project

Filters Used Include: Lightning, Matte Choker, Layer Deformer, Stage Light

Featured Units: Lights, Key & Blend, 3D Objects