A new and powerful feature of the Sapphire visual effects suite is the revolutionary Sapphire Builder, a node-based effect compositor that comes free with Sapphire. Builder can simplify your workflow by making it easy to create complex custom effects and transitions from scratch and then save these multi-layered effects as single instances, which then can be quickly applied elsewhere in your project. Watch how John Dickinson of Motionworks.com explains how he uses Sapphire Builder in his motion graphics work.



When Damien Leveck, writer/director, was looking to add top-notch visual effects to his award-winning short film “The Cleansing Hour”, he knew Sapphire Builder was the way to go. “The story revolves around a live-streamed exorcism that goes horribly wrong. Glitchy / YouTube-like compression effects were going to play a big part”, said Leveck. “We always planned to present the film theatrically, so the premium look and feel of Sapphire effects really sold us early on. Also, using the Builder to create custom complex effects that were compatible between Avid and Resolve was a huge time-saver.”


Sapphire’s Builder gives users the ability to browse and try out Sapphire with ease, enabling artists and editors the flexibility to stack and connect Sapphire effects and transitions in ways that were not previously possible. Builder ships with over 150 pre-built “advanced presets”, so you can start using it right out of the box. When working in Builder, you have access to over 250 effects and more than 3000 presets, now filtered by common tasks, rather than effect name. For example, you can now search for “color correction” effects, “lighting” effects, or “text-based” transitions. This new way of browsing can be a massive timesaver when it comes to developing looks, grades, and custom effects. Once you start working with Builder, you will wonder how you ever managed working with effects without it.


Builder allows for infinite creative freedom when creating custom effects, but that’s not all it does. Another key feature is the ability to work with multiple source clips or type layers right inside Builder, and bring in masks directly from your host so you can further refine your effects. This feature dramatically increases the power of Builder by opening up limitless creative options.


Anything created within Builder can be shared and edited between any of the supported host products: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, and Blackmagic Davinci Resolve. This takes the pain out of starting a project in one application and finishing in another. With Builder, offline to online workflows are a breeze.



Achieve Gorgeous, High Quality Results

  • Attain the same industry-leading photorealistic quality used by the best film studios, broadcast networks, and post-production facilities around the world
  • Production value can be added right out of the box with elegant, natural effects
  • All Sapphire effects are resolution independent and work at all color bit depths. You can use them on footage of any size (HD, 2k, Ultra HD, 4k,8k, etc.), and can render out at all possible bit depths (8 bit, 32 bit, floating point, etc.)

Endless Creative Solutions

  • Create your own effects and transitions with Sapphire Builder
  • In Builder you can search across all presets by name, category, or intended use, which helps you quickly scan new effects
  • Sapphire ships with thousands of preset effects and transitions, with new presets added in every release
  • Complex photorealistic lens flares can be built from scratch with the Flare Editor
  • On-screen widgets help you work visually and take a break from numerical values
  • Extensive parameter sets let you control every aspect of an effect

Lightning-fast Speed and Efficiency

  • Sapphire is engineered for fast CPU speeds
  • GPU accelerated effects add a boost for faster playback and interactivity
  • Cross-host licensing helps you save and share presets across multiple supported hosts