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Instant Particle Magic

Particle Illusion Pro is a powerful particle generator that gives users instant access to 3D particles. Quickly create photorealistic particle effects to use for motion graphics, visual effects, titles, and lower thirds. Available as a fully functional standalone application and as a plugin part of the Continuum suite of effects.

Bring your animations to life with Particle Illusion

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics allows you to transform any existing emitter into a complex animation that flows and swirls, just like in the real world, or to create your own custom animation. It includes more than 20 new presets designed by professionals.

Work in 3D

Work with emitters, forces, and deflectors in 3D, using the integrated camera to navigate through generated particle fields. Utilize position, pan, and orbit camera modes for navigation. Includes depth of field and motion blur features.

Forces and Deflectors

Force objects enable the addition of force fields to create complex, realistic particle movements, ranging from chaotic swirls to controlled flows, and even fluid dynamics. Deflector objects simplify the simulation of particles interacting with logos or other graphics, enabling them to bounce or interact seamlessly.

Lines and Turbulence

Connect your particles together with lines! Join particles to parent emitters, their birth positions, or even to other particles to create fresh, new geometric mograph looks. Turbulence varies the position and size of particles through auto-evolving, organic noise fields. Think of subtle wave-like motion, wild particle scatters, or anything in between.

Easy Preset-Driven Workflow

Particle Illusion comes with thousands of preset emitters (via a separate, free installer). An integrated search makes it easy to zero in on the effect you’re looking for, and the live preview lets you click and drag to see how it will move. Use as-is or adjust the position, shape, life, number, size, etc., by scrubbing values in the control panel. You can also create new presets by saving any adjusted emitter back into your custom emitter library.

Node-based Navigation

Particle Illusion lets you create extremely complex effects, but the Node View makes it easier than ever to work with and customize them. Simply select an emitter or particle node to see the corresponding parameters displayed in the Controls View.

Particle Illusion Showcase

System requirements

Mac OS

OS Requirements

  • Catalina 10.15 or higher

Processor (CPU)

  • Intel, AMD, or Apple M1/M2/M3

System Memory (RAM)

  • 8 GB minimum, 16+ GB preferred

Graphics Processor (GPU)

  • Most modern graphics cards from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel are supported.

OS Requirements

  • Windows 10 & 11

Processor (CPU)

  • Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores

System Memory (RAM)

  • 8 GB minimum, 16+ GB preferred

Graphics Processor (GPU)

  • Most modern graphics cards from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel are supported.
  • Particle Trails and Particle Lines Enhancements

    The new 'lines' option adds trails, fading, and thickness variation to particle simulations.
  • Deflector and Force Improvements

    Deflectors now offer rotation/depth and improved reliability, while Forces feature 'Direction Turbulence' for organic particle motion.
  • 3D Models as Emitters

    Import C4D/OBJ files as emitters, with options like model wireframe drawing. This includes models and presets for innovative looks and streamlined object manipulation on stage.
  • Updated Gradient Editor and Gradient Presets

    Enhanced gradient editor with flip and space actions, undo/redo, a random generator, plus new color and alpha presets for fun particle workflows.
  • Easier to Use

    The new and easy workflow groups Controls View parameters into labeled sections, with ‘de-emphasis’ dimming irrelevant ones for a focused workflow.
  • 3D Widgets

    3D widgets now simplify interaction with emitters and objects in 3D environments.

Particle Trails and Lines Enhancements

Draw particle trails with the new ’lines’ option, adding new life to almost any particle simulation! Other new line features include the ability to fade the ends, vary thickness with particle size, and more.

Updated Gradient Editor and Presets

The gradient editor has been greatly improved, with new ‘flip’ and ‘space’ actions, full undo/redo capabilities, and even a random gradient generator! Add to that new color and alpha gradient presets, and your particle color workflow just got a whole lot more fun!

Deflector and Force Improvements

Deflectors and Forces are important particle ‘influencers’, and they’ve both received updates in the latest update.
  • Deflectors are now 3D – rotate them, set their depth, and animate them in 3D space!
  • Improved reliability of Deflectors: no more ’leaking’ at the corners or unexpectedly wild bounces!
  • Forces now include ‘Direction Turbulence’, which allows you to add organic motion to your particles, even without fluid dynamics!

Easier to Use

The Controls View (parameter list) has been redesigned, grouping related parameters together in labeled sections. Plus, version 2023 introduces parameter ‘de-emphasis’, which causes parameters that have no effect on the output to dim, helping you focus on what’s important!

3D Models as Emitters

Use either C4D or OBJ files as particle emitters, offering various emission options, including the ability to draw the model’s wireframe for fresh new looks. Several immediately useful models are included, along with exciting presets that utilize them. Position, rotate, and scale objects directly in the stage in a more intuitive process, resulting in a more streamlined workflow.

3D Widgets

Working with emitters and other objects in 3D has just become easier with the introduction of 3D widgets.

Which should I choose?

Particle Illusion Pro offers total flexibility to fit seamlessly into your workflow, whether you prefer working within a standalone application or integrating it as a plugin with Continuum. Particle Illusion Pro ensures that your projects benefit from its full range of features in the environment that suits you best.
Standalone Key Benefits Plugin Key Benefits

No Host Application Required

Eliminate the extra costs and complexity of working inside an external application.

Background Video Layer Import

Experience swift and smooth import and export processes, optimized for time-saving and efficiency.

Rapid Rendering

Instantly bring your ideas to the screen with quick rendering times, even for the most complex particle effects.
Plugin Key Benefits

Mocha Motion Tracking

The integration of Mocha’s Academy Award-winning planar tracking and masking tools inside the Particle Illusion plugin means no keyframing! Both the particle emitter position and the position of the world (camera) can be driven independently or together using Mocha’s tracking data. Let Mocha do the work to lock your particle effects into your shot.

After Effects Integration

Use After Effects paths and text as animation paths for emitters or emission sources, link emitters to 3D layers and lights, or use the AE camera inside Particle Illusion.

Beat Reactor

Drive particle properties from audio using the integrated Beat Reactor. Set up frequency ranges and configure them to modify any of the host-level particle parameters: velocity, number of particles, size, etc., resulting in particle effects perfectly in-sync with the music!

Advanced Compositing Tools

Utilize features like integrated color correction, glow, and blending modes to enhance the integration of your particles.

Compare Standalone vs Plugin

Standalone Application
Plugin inside Continuum
Work in 3D
Fluid Dynamics
Forces and Deflectors
Lines and Turbulence
Easy Preset-Driven Workflow
Node-based Navigation
Export w/Alpha
Import data from Mocha / SynthEyes*
Render on Source Video*
Track with Integrated Mocha
Animate with Beat Reactor
AE Camera Integration
Host Particle Parameters
Intergrated Glow
Advanced Compositing Options
*Disabled in Trial Mode

Mograph experts John Dickinson and Ben Brownlee team up to deliver a comprehensive training series. Go from beginner to pro in no time with 27 bite-sized tutorials.

  • How to install the product & get started quickly
  • Get to know the interface and parameter controls
  • How to use presets and emitters
  • Intro to 3D particle features
  • Intro to Turbulence and Lines options
  • Intro to Fluid Dynamics
  • And tons more!


Need Help? We've Got You!

Particle Illusion Forum

A place for Particle Illusion users to discuss tips, tricks, product feature requests, and best practices.


Particle Illusion Help Center

Search technical questions or open a ticket with our knowledgable support team.


Frequently asked questions

What is Particle Illusion?
Particle Illusion is a powerful particle generator that gives users instant access to 3D particles with a huge preset library, hardware acceleration through OpenGL, and advanced features like Fluid Dynamics, Forces, Deflectors, 3D Model Support, node-based navigation, integrated 3D camera with motion blur and depth of field, and more.
Can I use the free version of Particle Illusion Pro for commercial work?
If you plan to use Particle Illusion Pro, please purchase either a monthly or annual subscription. The unlicensed version (free) of Particle Illusion Pro is intended for non-commercial / personal use only.
Can I buy a perpetual license for Particle Illusion Pro?
No, Particle Illusion Pro is available as a subscription only. You can purchase a perpetual license for Continuum which includes Particle Illusion Pro, as well as the plugin version of Continuum. See Continuum pricing here.
Why do I only see 3 emitter libraries instead of dozens?
Only 3 emitter libraries are installed with Particle Illusion’s main installer: the “Sampler” library, the “Custom” library (which can be added to and edited), and the latest library from the current release – for instance “Emitters_2024.0”. All of the other libraries are in a separate installer which can be downloaded using the Help menu – Download Emitters… option. Note that after installing the Additional Emitter Libraries, Particle Illusion must be restarted.
How can I create a “blank” emitter, to start from scratch?
Particle Illusion does not have a concept of a “blank” or “empty” emitter – it must start with a preset. There are a few basic emitter presets that are as close to a “blank” emitter as possible. To find them, do an emitter library search for “Basic” and look at the “Emitters_2021.0” or “Custom” libraries for “Basic Emitter” and its variations.
How do you delete position keyframes?
Cmd+click (Mac) or Ctrl+click (Windows) on a position path key in the Stage window to delete it. Note that this may not work if the emitter is on top of the key you are trying to delete.
Why do I get an “internal data stream error” when trying to render?
This may be because the output size (resolution) is either too large, or is a “weird” value. Try setting the output resolution to 1920x1080 as a first step. If that works, try gradually larger sizes until it fails.  You could also make sure that the width and height are both evenly divisible by 16.
How can I reset the preferences to default settings?
The easiest way, even if Particle Illusion will not open, is to launch PI while holding down the SHIFT key. (Either hold SHIFT while launching, or press and hold SHIFT immediately after launching.)
If done correctly, a message will appear saying that Preferences have been reset. (If you don’t see that message, then the Preferences have NOT been reset and you should try again.)
Can’t see your question listed above? Visit our Help Center

Plans and pricing

Particle Illusion Pro

Fast and easy 2D/3D particle generation

What you get:
  • 1000s of drag & drop presets
  • Background video layer import
  • 3D shapes & emitters
  • Forces & deflectors
  • Turbulence & lines


Particle Illusion Plugin

What you get:
  • Mocha Motion Tracking
  • After Effects Integration
  • Beat Reactor
  • Advanced Compositing Tools
  • Also includes access to over 350+ Continuum effects

Get started with a Particle Illusion Pro trial now

Need some hands on time with Particle Illusion before purchasing? No problem.
Simply download the Boris FX Hub and install Particle Illusion Pro without entering a license.
You’re immediately ready to begin creating with the Particle Illusion Pro trial.

Core Features Enabled

In trial mode, you will have full access to many of the most powerful features of Particle Illusion Pro, from creating stunning visual effects to exploring our extensive library of presets. The trial mode doesn’t hold back on giving you the full experience of what Particle Illusion Pro has to offer.

Background Import Disabled

A limitation during the trial is the inability to import background layers. Don’t worry, you can still create amazing effects and get a solid understanding of the Particle Illusion Pro’s capabilities, even without this feature.

Personal Use Only

Please note that the trial mode is intended for non-commercial or personal use only. It’s a great way to learn and explore Particle Illusion Pro’s potential before committing to a purchase.