Whether it’s fog banks, floating dust, fire, smoke, burning embers, explosions, fireworks, pixie dust or animated backdrops, Particle Emitter 3D is the industry standard particle system. The factory installed animated presets ease set up of the effect while providing the uninitiated a quick glimpse of the types of effects that can be achieved with this comprehensive 3D particle system. Adobe After Effects users can take advantage of the deep support for host native 3D cameras, lights and masks, while a built-in 3D camera and lighting system is included for users of NLE systems.



  • Professionally designed factory installed presets
  • Integrated FX Browser
  • Primary and Aux systems
  • Attractors and Repellers
  • Layer interaction - bounce, stick, slide
  • Support for Adobe host native mask shapes
  • Support for Adobe host native 3D camera system
  • Support for Adobe host native 3D light system
  • Built-in 3D Camera and Lighting system
  • Integrated motion tracking system
  • Anti-aliasing, motion blur and depth of field options
  • Hardware acceleration (OpenGL/OpenCL)
  • Multi-processor (SMP) and multi-core (CMP) support

The Continuum Particle Emitter 3D filter offers multi-host support with a single license.

Additional Particle Emitter 3D Product Documentation