Create Ken Burns stylized 3D animations from any sill image source with the Continuum Pan and Zoom filter. The fully automated keyframeless workflow makes short work of generating smooth animations and the integrated watch folder option means that you can work with low resolution images for quick set up and insert a high resolution replacement image when you’re ready to roll, while retaining all of the animation setup work. And the inclusion of the Magic Sharp image processing algorithm means that image quality is second to none, even when upscaling source shots.



  • Automated workflow generates pan and zoom animation without the use of keyframes
  • Optional semi-automatic and full manual workflow
  • Includes 3D option
  • Includes optional motion blur
  • Includes vignette feature with both color and / or blur
  • Uses Magic Sharp algorithm for highest possible image quality
  • Preview Mode with on-screen overlays including Action Safe, Title Safe zones etc
  • Integrated FX Browser with factory installed animated presets

The Continuum Pan and Zoom filter offers multi-host support with a single license.

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