Shooting video with a handheld device will always produce some unwanted instability in the clip and even the slightest amount of camera motion can result in unwatchable video. The Continuum Optical Stabilizer filter can be used to totally lock down unwanted camera motion and generate a result that is pleasing and not jarring. And if motion in the clip is intentional but too strong or jerky, the Optical Stabilizer filter can be set to smooth out motion to acceptable levels instead of removing it completely.



  • Optical Flow based image stabilization
  • Auto-scale function eliminates guess work to ensure the image always fills the frame
  • Stabilize with fully locked down result or Smooth Motion options
  • User selectable option for any combination of translation, rotation and zoom
  • Edge handling options including repeat, reflect, tile
  • Visible motion vectors to aid in tuning the result

The Continuum Optical Stabilizer filter offers multi-host support with a single license.

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