Continuum’s LensFlare3D filter is a sophisticated lens flare generator that produces many different styles and looks. Instantly create traditional and natural-looking lens flares or highly-stylized sci-fi looks. Featuring nearly 100 professionally-designed presets. LensFlare3D uses OpenGL hardware acceleration with support for both AMD/ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards.

LensFlare3D is available inside Continuum, the Continuum Lights Unit, and as a Premium Filter.


Integrated 3D Camera and Lighting System

LensFlare3D offers a single integrated traditional point light source along with a full 3D camera system. Easily dolly, pan or orbit the generated light in the scene. The filter auto-generates lights based on pixel values in a filtered (or a secondary) source clip, perfect when adding lens flares to highlights in a scene.

Deep-level Adobe After Effects Integration

After Effects users will love the ability to set the filter to generate lens flares from an infinite number of AE host native lights. Selectively pick lights based on the name of the light. Auto-add lens flares to AE splines or alpha mask shapes to generate stunning text lighting effects.

Obscuration Map

The built-in obscuration map enables the generation of photorealistic lighting effects. Lens flares can be obscured by rigid or moving elements in the scene such as trees, poles, clouds or even people.

Edge and Center Triggers

LensFlare3D can be set to flare up as the light closes in on an edge or the center of the scene just like real in-camera lens flares. Includes user-adjustable controls for viewing the edge map and brightness levels.

Light Source Auto-Shimmer

Automatically have your flares shimmer and pulse over time. Produce lighting effects like a light in the far off distance, lights affected by natural elements (heat, wind, particles, solar-radiation), concert lighting or even a starfield.

Integrated Auto-Animating Fog Generator

Take your lens flare to the next level with fog! The integrated fog generator produces anything from light morning dew to full London fog. Also great for using lens flares to mimic a rockin’ concert performance.

Surface Orbs

Instantly add moisture, dust or dirt to your lens flare to mimic the look of real-world lens flares.

Chromatic Aberration

Easily add chromatic aberration to your lens flare. Soften and split individual color components around the outer circumference of the lens.

Mocha Motion Tracker

Integrated parameter tracking, powered by Mocha’s Academy Award-winning planar tracking, lets you easily match the movement of a lens flare source to the movement of a camera or the natural movement of a light source like a car’s headlights.

Integrated Beat Reactor

Automatically sync your generated flares to the sound of a beat. Great for making a light flare up on a cymbal crash or a drum hit.



  • GPU Accelerated on ATI/AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Almost 100 combined static and animated presets
  • Integrated Camera and Light Source
  • Deep Level Adobe After Effects Integration
  • Mocha Tracking for Light Source
  • Obscuration Map for Scene Compositing
  • Edge and Center Frame Triggers
  • Auto-animating Fog Generator
  • Independent Control Over Flare Elements
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Surface Orbs Beat Reactor