Luma flickering in an image can come from many sources and regardless of where it comes from, it’s a problem that can ruin a potentially great shot. So whether it’s caused by unexpected auto-iris shifting or by the propeller blades of a drone Continuums’ Flicker Fixer is a simple drag and drop solution that will easily resolve image flickering in most any situation.



  • Automatically reduce or eliminate image flickering
  • Optional frame analysis or temporal smoothing flicker reduction algorithms
  • Integrated mask control with motion tracker to isolate flicker removal to a specific region in the source
  • Support for Adobe After Effects native masking system
  • On-screen noise graph displays detected noise in the source
  • Includes Compare Mode to easily see the source and result while fine tuning the filter parameters

The Continuum Flicker Fixer filter offers multi-host support with a single license.

Additional Flicker Fixer Product Documentation