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Meet the Boris FX Hub. It's your home for downloading, installing, and licensing Boris FX tools. Get ready for a seamless, user-friendly experience.

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Quickly download free trials for all the Boris FX products


Quickly download free trials for all the Boris FX products

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Download Boris FX Hub

Frequently asked questions

What is the Boris FX Hub App?
The Boris FX Hub app lets you download any product, activate/deactivate your license in one click, and stay up-to-date with the newest installers. You can even take a free trial on any Boris FX product.
Can I activate and manage floating licenses with the Hub?
No, the Hub was designed for managing “node-locked” licenses on a single workstation. For floating licenses, please continue to use the downloads page to install and follow the floating license instructions.
How do I install Continuum Units and Premium Filters with the Hub?
Currently Continuum Units and Premium Filters cannot be licensed and activated with the Hub. Please visit the Continuum downloads page and use the installer.
Why is the Hub asking for my Google password again?
The first time you sign in with Google, you must manually enter your Boris FX account password. After doing this once, you can use your Google account to quickly and easily sign into the Hub. This is a necessary security step to ensure your Google account is authorized for sign-in.
Why am I seeing error messages?
Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Please fill out a support ticket here, and we will do our best to assist you. Make sure to provide the list of steps you took to encounter this issue; this will help us try and reproduce it on our end. Also, please upload your Boris FX Hub log files with your support ticket. You can easily save these log files to your desktop by pressing Command+Shift+L (Mac) or Control+Shift+L (Windows) while in the Hub app window. These logs will help our support team diagnose the problem.
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