Adding highly-stylized looks to shots and sequences in Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion has never been easier with new real-time performance! Download the free public beta installer

The Continuum FCP 2021 plugin collection is redesigned from the ground up to deliver stunning new GPU-accelerated filters, transitions, and generators. Work up to 10x faster with a new streamlined workflow featuring hundreds of drag & drop templates.

Each filter includes the brand new custom FX Editor interface that lets you quickly select from the over 1000+ presets included in the collection and use the visible parameters in the FX Editor to modify any preset to make it your own.

Continuum FCP brings professional-level tools and controls to every Final Cut Pro editor.


How to Join the Public Beta

  • Download the Continuum FCP 2021 beta installer. Be sure to create a free Boris FX account to access the installer.
  • For help installing Continuum FCP 2021, please watch the installation video located to the left.
  • Join the Boris FX Community and participate in the Continuum FCP 2021 Beta Forum. It’s a great place to share ideas, post feedback, and learn tips and tricks from other FCP editors.

What's New in Continuum FCP 2021 Public Beta

  • New! FX Editor custom user interface
  • New! 80+ brand new filters (GPU-accelerated and HDR compliant)
  • New! brand new drag & drop transitions
  • New! Texture generator with over 100 customizable textures
  • New! Dozens of drag & drop title templates
  • New! 1000+ professionally-designed presets
  • New! OCIO color management controls


Custom Preset Designer

The new FX Editor preset browser and designer is integrated into every effect and transition in Continuum 2021. Browse through 1000+ professionally-designed presets and use the built-in parameter controls and video playback system to easily create the exact look you want. Save your custom preset and use it again and again.

Includes essential features: 4-way color corrector, RBG color curves, a visual histogram, OCIO color management, before & after compare modes, real-time previews, and more.


Film Style

The Film Stocks filter includes almost 300 fully-customizable presets that transform your videos or still images from digital to the beauty of analog film.

Based on actual film scans from the world’s leading developers including Agfa, Fuji, Kodak, Ilford, Polaroid, Rolei, and more. Whether you want the look of a Kodachrome 35mm film shoot or a Polaroid process print you'll find all that and more in this comprehensive package of film stock emulators.

Set the desired film stock, control the film processing, and finish your look by setting the final print stock.

Looks Development

Love the greenish hue of Aliens, faded warmth of The Godfather II, or the golden tones that defined Titanic? The Grade filter gives you access to presets developed by some of the world’s leading colorists. Apply the same color grades from beloved Academy Award-nominated films with just one click. Featuring 100 film-named presets and full customization with the FX Editor.

The Looks filter provides additional color grading options including controls for grain generation, color correction, diffused lighting, gradient tints, gel overlays, lab processing emulation, and more.

Optical Filter Emulators

Avoid potentially expensive reshoots by applying in-camera lens effects in post.

Digital optical filter emulators allow you to quickly add a glass optical filter look to projects without needing to commit on set. Change filters with a single click to quickly test out different looks without needing to rent more equipment.

The Optical Diffusion filters give you tons of ways to control light and color, add soft-focus blur to the foreground in a scene, simulate rack focus, add fog, and more. Includes over 110 unique customizable holdback mattes that allow the diffused or color-corrected light to push through user-defined areas to deliver added depth to shots.

Lights and Gobos

The Lights filter includes 750+ professional digital gobos that you can add to a shot, alter, and quickly swap out to achieve your desired final results. You can also create a custom gobo by using any image on your system to build your very own gobo light filter.

Includes photographic gels, an array of composite blending modes, corner pin and transform tools to position and scale the projected light, an integrated luma matte option, motion blur with shutter angle and phase controls, gobo blur, light displacement that uses the filtered source as a physical displacement map to warp the gobo, and shadow brightness control.

Lens Flares

The Lens Flare filter includes 300+ professionally-designed customizable flares. Includes options like edge trigger that allows the flares to react to scene edges just as it does in the real world, integrated apply modes to blend lens flares naturally, occlusion to automatically hide lens flares behind objects in a scene, and a flicker option to mimic the way light interacts with atmosphere elements.

Want to create your own lens flare? Use the custom Flare Editor that allows you to add or remove elements, build your flare, and save it for future use.

Light Rays & Glows

The Light Rays filter allows you to add heavenly sunbeams/God rays without waiting for the natural phenomena to appear during your shoot. Mimic the look of physical light passing through atmospheric elements like particles, water droplets, and clouds with a user-defined light source positioned anywhere in the frame. Includes integrated shimmer and texture options to generate auto-animating organic-looking light rays.

The Glow filter augments natural light in the filtered source to add just the right amount of glow to the image. Elevate flat or mundane shots to gorgeously deep glowing scenes.

Photographic Gels

The Photographic filter is the exact digital equivalent of the Kodak® Wratten photographic lens gel system beloved by cinematographers around the globe. Features over 200 lighting gels and 95 photographic filters with the same industry-standard names used in production.

Easily warm up a shot with a 22 Deep Orange or 23A Light Red glass filter emulator, cool a scene with L725 Old Steel Blue, isolate the effect to the foreground or background, and carefully control the light exposure.


A Transition for Any Project

Get access to brand new drag & drop single-track transitions. Each GPU-accelerated transition makes setup and rendering a breeze. The interactive controls you’ll want most have been added right inside the Final Cut Pro properties window for easy access.

Highlights include blurs, lens flares, light rays, retro tv and film looks, optical distortions, textures, glows, and prismatic looks.


Auto-Animating 2D/3D Titles

Choose from dozens of auto-animating and fully customizable title templates, lower thirds, and graphics. Just select a title template from the Titles group and add it to your scene. Then double-click the text in the viewer window to make it your own.

Title templates include animated text objects, integrated cast shadows, mirrored shimmering reflections, lens flares, semi-transparent backdrops, glows and glitches, and banner reveals.



Continuum 2021

OS Requirements:

Mac OSX: 10.15 or higher


Recommended Hardware:

Processor: Intel CPU with four or more cores(M1 not supported)

Memory: 8 GB or more

Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage

Licensing options:

Node-locked, Subscription or floating license.

For floating and render license options, please contact us.